Life After Wall Street – Indicates the finance crisis the end of globalizations?

Recent turmoil in the global financial markets has often been described in the media as a tectonic shift in the global financial system. Prof. John L. Casti, a former researcher at RAND Corporation and member of the external faculty of the Santa Fe Institute suggests that an asteroid impact or a super volcano would be a better metaphor. The financial crisis that began in October 2007 is far from over, and represents just one manifestation of the increasingly negative social mood gripping the entire world, a mood change that will last many years, if not a decade or more.

Casti is convinced that we look here at some of the types of events likely to be seen in the economy, finance, politics and general social trends during this bleak period, including the end of the phenomenon of “globalization” as it’s been since the mid 1970s, the unraveling of the European Union, and the end of financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Casti will discuss his forecast with Professor Markku Wilenius, Vice President Allianz SE, member of the Club or Rome and Vice President of the Advisory Board of the European Futurists Conference Lucerne.