Prof. Dr. Markku Wilenius

Prof. Dr. Markku Wilenius has been appointed as Senior Vice President in Group Development responsible for Group's strategic research to the Allianz group by December 1, 2007.
Markku Wilenius has acted as Director of the Finland Futures Research Centre in 1999-2001, as Research Director in 2002-2003 and again as Director from August 1, 2003 until May 2005. He is professor of Futures Studies in Finland Futures Research Centre at the Turku School of Economics. Markku Wilenius is also Docent in the University of Helsinki.
Markku Wilenius' interests in research and development focus on the development of the society and foreseeing of development, visionary and strategic management of organisations in terms of their competence building as a way to "futurise" them, and sustainable development.