Science Fiction and Futures Studies

What can futurists learn from Science Fiction movies? A lot, says Karlheinz Steinmüller, Sci-Fi-author himself and futurist. The scientific director of Z_punkt The Foresight Company and member of the Advisory Board of the european futurists conference lucerne will give a dinner speech at the 1st conference about Science Fiction: Lab of the future.
A lot of science fictions do what futurists have to do too: The visualize possible outcomes of new technologies. Jurassic Park for example tried to figure out, what the consequences of genetic engineering could be: Take just any kind of cell - and you will have the complete genetic information of a living thing.
Futurists are therefore also advisors for producers of science fiction movies.
Karlheinz Steinmüller will point out the fruitful interaction between systematic future studies and science fiction literature and movies.