2012 - The Ultimate Future - Conference

November 30 - December 1, 2012, Lucerne






Since 2005, we have accomplished a lot at the past five European Futurists Conferences Lucerne, met many new friends, and given future research in Europe a face. We want to celebrate a festive end with friends and partners and move into the "the Ultimate Future" with a wink.
Program 2012 - Conference

The Best Of Five Conferences
We want to re-experience the highlights: We will once more invite the best presenters of the past five European Futurists Conferences to come to Lucerne. Choose who you would like to see again!
You will find the nominees here. You have three votes.

Exclusive - Preferred Booking
You are invited to participate in our preferred booking:
-    Current and former members of the international Advisory Board.
-    The founding partners of the European Futurists Conference Lucerne.
-    The presenters of the conferences 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009.
-    The members of the Club and Board of the European Futurists Club.

Be our guest
The conference will be free for the participants of the preferred booking.
You will only pay an expense contribution for overnight accommodations.

Only 40 spots available!
Please register quickly. The rule is: "First come first serve".

The registration deadline for preferred booking is June 15, 2012.
The registration is binding once it is confirmed by us.