Dr. Tino Quaderer

Tino Quaderer studied Philosophy, German Language and Literature at the University of Berne and graduated in 2003 with a PhD in Philosophy with a main focus on Neurophilosophy. From 2000–2003 he was a Freelancer for several print-media. 2003-2004 he became a member of the PR and communications staff of the Government of Liechtenstein. Since 2004 he is the Head of the Zukunftsbüro (Unit of Future Studies) Liechtenstein. The Government of Liechtenstein established in October 2004 the Zukunftsbüro. It aims in evaluating relevant issues for a sustainable future of Liechtenstein’s economy, society, and environment. Among its tasks is the scanning of national and  international trends. It consults the Liechtenstein Government about future opportunities und risks and in cooperation with other units of the National Government defines relevant measures.



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