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Matt Locke

Matt Locke is Head of Innovation for BBC New Media & Technology. He is responsible for developing and running research programmes within the BBC and with external partners, including developing academic and industry partnerships, and developing open innovation initiatives like http://backstage.bbc.co.uk and http://open.bbc.co.uk/labs/. Before that, he was Head of Creative Research & Development within the same division. Creative R&D worked with New Media production teams across the BBC on mid to long term innovation development, helping analyse trends and develop product and service ideas for 3-5 years out. The Dark House - an interactive radio horror story jointly developed from an Innovation Lab with Radio Drama, Radio & Music Interactive & Radio 4 –won the Technical Innovation prize in the 2004 Interactive BAFTA awards.

He is a regular participant on working groups and advisory boards for other public sector projects and organisations. Before joining the BBC, Matt worked as a curator and writer, specialising in the social adoption of technology and the cultural impact of digital technology, and still continues to write regularly about these themes for journals, websites and his own site at www.test.org.uk.