European Futurists Club - Your hotline to international future research

The Club
The European Futurists Club is an independent and neutral association according to Swiss law located in Lucerne, Switzerland and is open to individuals and businesses that are interested in applying results from future research to practical applications.
The European Futurists Club is the organizer of the annual European Futurists Conference Lucerne.
The club is assisted by an international advisory board consisting of leading European future experts from science and business (cf. page 4).

An overview of your membership benefits:
  • Members receive access to the international network of leading European future experts.
  • Business members receive discounts for two participants of the annual European Futurists Conference Lucerne of 10 % each off the regular prices (individual members receive 10 % for their personal registration).
  • At least 8 times annually a newsletter with interviews, links, andliterature references for practical future research for businesses.
Exclusively for business members
Listing as a business member on the web site of the European
Futurists Conference Lucerne with a link to your site.

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