Interviews with Speakers

«The EU will be bigger and stronger 20-30 years from now»

Ziga Turk Ziga Turk, Secretary General of the Reflexion Group on the Future of Europe, about the up-coming role of the European Union, taking the EU for granted and the importance of risk-taking.
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«90 % of humanity could have access to desert power»

Moeller Uwe Möller, member of the Club of Rome and co-initiator of the Desertec Project, about the differences in solar energy, getting electricity from the Sahara to Europe and why the ambitious project is a win-win-game.
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«We will become transhumans and posthumans»

José Gordeiro Longevity, human limitations and enhancements and surviving death – José Luis Cordeiro, teaching fellow at the Singularity University, California, has the future mapped out.

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«Who could resist a honeymoon in space?»

Christer Haglund Christer Haglund of Finnair about space-travel, becoming CO2-neutral as an industry and surviving the crisis at hand.

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«The world of tomorrow will always be a better place»

Holger Winklbauer The pressure on logistics corporations like Deutsche Post DHL will rise in the future and require cooperations with former competitors as well as new services like to the point delivery.

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The Future on Lifestyle

Clive van Heerden How does the crisis effect future lifestyle? Wherein lie the secrets of electronic tattoos? Clive van Heerden, Senior Director of Design-Lead Innovation at Philips, presents a vision of the future of lifestyles.

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