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Dr. Enric Bas

Enric Bas is a member of the Advisory Board of the European Futurists Conference Lucerne.

He holds a PhD in Sociology, he won the Extraordinary Prize of Doctoral Thesis with his research “Megatrends for the 21st century; a Delphy Study”, and holds a Level of Excelente in Research given by the Ministry of Education. Since 1999 he is professor of Social Foresight at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Alicante and Director of the PhD Program on “Social Unequalities and Welfare” of the University of Alicante (2001-2005).

He is Visiting Professor in some PhD and Master programs in Spain (University of Granada, University of Valencia), and has given courses or seminars as visiting fellow in Sheffield-Hallam University, Leeds Metropolitan University (UK), Budapest University (Hungary), Tamkang University (Taiwan), UNEFA and UNFM (Venezuela),etc. He was co-founder and Director of REEF (Educational Network on Futures Studies) till 2003, and currently leads, as Director, REEFVIEWS, the e-journal on communication and the future of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Alicante.

Before starting his career as researcher and professor, he worked as consultant, while leading its own company of social research (ASEM) for FUNDESEM (Foundation for the Business Development), the main association of businessmen of his region. He acted as consultant for private companies and public administration in some levels (regional, local). In 1994 he started to work as fellow researcher for the Regional Government till 1997.

Some of this most relevant publications are, as author, “Prospectiva; herramientas para la gestión estratégica del cambio”, “Foresight; tools for the strategic management of change”; prologued by Wendell Bell; “The sociology of 21st century, or how to be ready to face the future”; “Megatendencias para el siglo 21; un estudio Delfos”; “Megatrends for the 21st century; a Delphi Study”- prologued by Eleonora Masini.

Member of the Experts Committee of the “GWForecast; tracking the informational revolution” (George Washington University) lead by William Halal. Member of the Experts Committee of FISTERA-Foresigh on Information Society Technologies in The European Research Area (JRC-European Commission), and of the Advisory Board of some scientific journals related with Futures Studies. He is a former fellow of the Advisory Board of the World Futures Studies Federation (2001-2005). Professor and Advisory Consultant of PROSPINT (Strategic Program of Foresight for Intelligence and Security Issues) of the Spanish Government.

His main research areas are: ICTechnologies, Social Change and Communication, Foresight and Regional Development, Foresight and Security Issues, and Futures Research Methodology. Currently he is leading the Spanish team in SELFRULE (Strategic European and Latin-American Foresight for Research and University Learning Exchange), an academic network and a research project supported by the European Commission, and lead by UNEFA (Venezuela) and PREST-University of Manchester (UK).

Enric can be addressed at [email protected], +34965909362.


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