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Thursday, October 15, 2009


New Architecture of Global Finance System
Kristel Van der Elst, Head Scenario Planning Team, World Economic Forum
    New State's Role


Ziga Turk
The Transformation of Europe
Future Challenges of the EU and the European States
Ziga Turk, Secretary General of the Reflection Group on the Future of Europe


Turning to the Future after the Age of Easy Growth
Kitty Kubo, Head of Foresight Division at the Development Fund, Estonia

  Green Growth

World 2050: What do we need to do to get there?
Prof. Markku Wilenius, Head of Trends & Strategy, Allianz SE


José Luis Cordeiro The Futures of Technologies and the Technologies of the Futures
José Luis Cordeiro, Director, Venezuela Node, The Millennium Project; Teaching Fellow, Singularity University


Moeller Desert Tech. Clean Power from the Sahara for Europe
Uwe Möller, Club of Rome

  Lifestyle Futures


Clive vn Heerden Future of Lifestyle
Clive van Heerden, Senior Director Philips Design


Touchstones: Conceptual Products for Sustainable Futures
Stuart Walker, Professor and Co-Director, ImaginationLancaster


  Future Readiness Award
Georges T. Roos, Director European Futurists Conference Lucerne


Dinner Speech: Islamic Banking and Islamic Investment
Humayon Dar, CEO BMB Islamic

Friday, October 16, 2009

  Future Insight for Business


Winning in a Downturn - Using Future Insights to Succeed in Turbulent Times
Rohit Talwar, FastFuture


Credit Suisse - Megatrends: Opportunities and Risks for SME
Nicole Brändle, Head Industry Analysis Credit Suisse Economic Research

  New Values


Crowdsourcing the Signals of Social Transformation
Elina Hiltunen, What's Next Consulting Oy


How People Make Decisions
Colby Stuart, Sustainable Futures Foundation

  Long Term Vision


Christer Haglund Finnair: Departure 2093 - Five Visions of Future Flying
Christer Haglund, Finnair Senior Vice President, Public Affairs & Corporate Communications

Holger Winklbauer Delivering Tomorrow. Customer Needs in 2020 and Beyond. A Global Delphi Study
Holger Winklbauer, Executive Vice President Corporate First Choice, Deutsche Post


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