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Pero Mićić

Pero Mićić is the president of the advisory board of the European Futurists Conference Lucerne.
Pero is internationally known as an expert for FutureManagement. He is chairman of FutureManagementGroup AG and president of the Institute for FutureManagement in Eltville, Germany since 1991. Pero Mićić studied economics and future studies in Germany, Great Britain and the USA and is author of the recent books Der ZukunftsManager - Wie Sie Marktchancen vor Ihren Mitbewerbern erkennen und nutzen (The FutureManager - How to perceive and seize opportunities before your competitor) and Das ZukunftsRadar (The FutureRadar - Trends, Technologies and Issues of the Future). Pero Mićić is consultant to many of the worlds leading companies. He helps them to systematically elaborate and analyze future scenarios, to perceive and to seize future opportunities at a very early point and to implement FutureManagement in the management process. Mićić and his FutureManagementGroup develop and provide methodologies, workshops, studies and services for FutureManagement and thus set links from futures research to practical business.
Pero Mićić dedicated his professional life to FutureManagement. He is a founding member of the Association of Professional Futurists and member of the World Future Society, the World Futures Studies Federation and the Swiss Association for Futures Research. He contributed his consulting and training experience as chairman of the board of one of Europe's largest private training companies.


He has just puplished a new book in German called "ZukunftsRadar", and he runs a future blog at: http://future.germanblogs.de/.


FutureManagementGroup AG


E-mail: [email protected]



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