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Francesco Morace

Francesco Morace is member of the Advisory Board to the European Futurists Conference Lucerne.


Sociologist, writer and journalist, has been working for fifteen years in the sociological and market research field, is the president of Future Concept Lab. As a strategic consultant for various Italian and foreign companies, he has held courses and seminars in Brasil, China, Colombia, Corea, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Japan, Russia, Spain, Thailand, UK, USA. Thailand.


He teaches at Domus Academy and at SDA Bocconi Business School in Milan and is the author of several books including: Happy Societies (December 2004); La Strategia del Colibrì (The Hummingbird Strategy, 2001); PreVisioni e PreSentimenti (ForSights and InSights, 2000); Fashion Subway (1998 - new edition in December 2002); Metatendenze (Meta-trends, 1996); Controtendenze (Contro-trends, 1990), Chi ha lasciato il segno? (Who left the sign?, 1987).

In addition, he is co-author of: Italian Ways. Made in Italy: the six trends and their presence in the world (December 2003); European Asymmetries: the six trends of consumption that are shaping New Europe (2002); Mitologie felici (Happy Mythologies, 1994); I Nuovi Boom. Tendenze e prodotti di successo negli anni della transizione (The new boom. Trends and successful products during the transitional years, 1993); Iperspesa. Vendere e comprare nel duemila, (Hyper-shopping: selling and buying in 2000, 1990); I Boom- società e prodotti vincenti nell’Italia degli anni ‘80 (The Boom. Society and winning products in the Italia of the Eighties, 1990).


He is the editor of the on line magazine MindStyles Magazine and writes articles on trends for numerous magazines.


Future Concept Lab 


E-mail: [email protected]



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