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Dr. Wendy L. Schultz

Dr. Wendy L. Schultz is member of the advisory board of the European Futurists Conference Lucerne.


Dr. Wendy L. Schultz is Director of Infinite Futures: Foresight Research, Training, and Facilitation, with over two decades of foresight practice from Honolulu to Helsinki, and Brisbane to Budapest. She earned her Ph.D. in Alternative Futures at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, working for five years forecasting global natural gas markets at the East-West Center, and for over ten years as a researcher, foresight process designer, and project manager at the Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies. From 1996 to 2004 she served as visiting faculty with the Masters program in Studies of the Future at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, developing the introductory seminar, the qualitative methods seminar, and the facilitation practicum as part of overall curriculum redesign. Awarded a Fulbright grant in 2001, she spent six months as a lecturer and researcher with colleagues at the Finland Futures Research Centre.


Her current research and speaking topics include an overview of trends and emerging issues of change drawn from current work assembling a baseline environmental scan for the UK Department of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (Defra); the future of microsensors and RFID as tools, toys, and toxins (also drawn from current work at Defra); the future of learning and higher education (presentation at the World Future Society 2004 in DC); the future of space exploration (from essays drafted for Space 2100 (Popular Science) and The Catalog of Tomorrow (TechTV and Que)) and the future of undersea exploration (The Catalog of Tomorrow); and the future of libraries, archives, and media storage (keynotes for the Special Libraries Association and the American Library Association); among others. With regard to foresight concepts and methods, her speaking and training covers an overview of futures studies and foresight; a history of foresight and futures studies; a consumer's guide to common foresight tools and techniques; a holistic approach to environmental scanning; and scenario building for strategy and enhanced creativity; and leadership and vision.


Wendy currently resides in Oxford, England, where her partner lectures in Korean Studies at Oxford University. In between research projects, keynotes, lectures, and workshops, she is writing an introductory work on foresight concepts and methods, with an accompanying facilitator's guide for trainers and facilitators. Wendy is a Fellow of the World Futures Studies Federation, and a member of the Association of Professional Futurists.


Infinite Futures - Foresight Training and Facilitation


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