Charles Kleiber

Charles Kleiber, born 1942 in Moutier, graduated 1968 in Lausanne with a degree in architectural design. He then worked as an architect as well as a consultant in hospital planning and was 1991 appointed as General Director of the University Hospital in Lausanne.
1997 he was appointed to the Federal Department of Inner Affairs as Secretary of Science and Research which merged 2005 to the State Secretariat for Education and Research.
The State Secretariat for Education and Research SER sees its task in its prime role is to plan, implement and develop a national education and research area open to the world and to Europe in particular. It fosters partnership with the cantons, the universities and national and international research institutions. It aims to create conditions and mechanisms to promote cooperation and competition, under which scientists from all fields, and their institutions, are able to exercise their responsibilities and perform to the best of their ability.


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