Dr. Marjolein van Asselt

Born in 1969, Marjolein is senior researcher at the Faculty of Arts and Culture, Maastricht University, Netherlands. She has worked as an interdisciplinary researcher at the Dutch Institute of Public
Health and  the Environment (RIVM) (1993-1996), the Swiss Federal Institute EAWAG (1996-1997) and she co-founded the International Centre for Integrativ Studies (ICIS) at Maastricht University (1997-2002). In all settings, she was involved in future-oriented research on sustainability issues, ranging from simulation modelling, model-based scenario analysis, participatory approaches and innovative scenario methodology.
Her PhD "Perspectives on uncertainty and risk: The PRIMA approach to decision-support" (2000) dealt with the issue of uncertainty in decision-support in general, and in long-term planning in particular. She is currently in charge of a 5-year research program on methodology for future studies (2001-2005), for which she got a career grant from the Dutch Science Foundation (NWO). Together with 2 PhD students, she researchers the practice of future studies from an outside insider perspective. She has been the youngest member ever of the Dutch advisory council on spatial, environmental and nature research (RMNO) (2001-2004).
Marjolein was recently selected and invited as a member as well as board member of the Young Academy of the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences (KNAW). Marjolein (co-)authored 26 interdisciplinary journal articles, about 20 book chapters and 2 books (including her PhD). She co-edited another book on a European future studies ("Scenario innovation: Experiences from a European experimental garden" to appear with Taylor and Francis) as well as 2 RMNO reports on uncertainty, risk and future.
She participates in different societies, among which the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA), the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) and The Integrated Assessment Society (TIAS), and in a couple of editorial boards, among which the Graduate Journal for Social Science, and Integrated Assessment.
She recently enjoyed a 2-month visiting scholarship at the James Martin Institute of the Said Business School at Oxford University.


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