Approaches & Methods, Foresight & Impact


The Main Conference, 11-12 July 2005, will  focus on foresight and impact. It  will start with forecasts (Europe 2020) and how to critically evaluate them.


Since future thinking is very much about challenging the mainstream assumptions about the future, the following part will challenge current assumptions.


A special focus will then be on the adequate uses of future methods: The “Future Tools for Growth”-sessions will discuss Horizon Scanning for improving an organisation’s anticipatory capability, Scenario Planning for innovation management, Trend Analysis for forecasting tomorrow’s consumer market, and Strategic Simulation for managing future dynamics. Each of the sessions will be presenting tools as well as demonstrating successful applications of them (best cases).


Finally, the future agenda will be discussed since future thinking has its decisive benefit in guiding decision makers as to what to do now in order to have a better future.



The Pre-Conference, 10-11 July 2005,  will focus on approaches and methods. Besides to the in depth discussion of the uses and limits of various approaches for futuring and cutting edge methods, there will also be workshops offered. They will be actual workshops (not just break out session with more speeches). The European Futurists Conference Lucerne will present several real cases of futuring challenges, asking the participants to design approaches for these cases and come up with solutions.


The benefit will be two sided: The case presenter will benefit from a variety of ideas and approaches and the futurists will learn from colleagues how to adequately approach specific future questions.


Beyond this, the final discussion will be a feedback loop from the case presenter.  The pre-conference will also outline the possible formal education possibilities which can help improve one’s futuring capability.