The European Futurists Conference Lucerne

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November 22 - 24, 2006

The Pre-Conference

We again have scheduled the Pre-Conference with a focus on new practical approaches. It is meant for all practitioners who aim to update their toolbox to look into future challenges and opportunities. The Pre-Conference is aimed at futurists, researchers, and academics interested in exploring the latest research in the futures field. A total of eight workshops will offer participants the opportunity to hear about new issues futurists will be exploring, innovative tools, techniques for undertaking futures work, and the latest views on how future research and practice are evolving.

The Main Conference

The Main Conference delivers critical insights and presents business models of the emerging new world. It is aimed at decision makers, change agents, innovators, heads of corporate planning, strategy and innovation, and at future experts in business and public administration. The world-leading futurists will share their cutting-edge arguments and views on emerging uncertainties and paradoxes. Practical examples will demonstrate how different organisations visualise the future with regards to strategy, innovation, and development.
Case studies of emerging business models and social practices proclaim a future
that has already begun.
Hot topic of the Main Conference: “Upgrading Humans“ – a realistic approach to how mental enhancement through implants will make thought communication possible in the near future – a tremendous commercial potential.

Future Seminars

For the first time, we created an opportunity for marketers, innovators and strategists to have in-depth alternative seminars to the Pre-Conference. Future Seminars are selected by us but presented and set up by private partners.

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