Mission statement

The European Futurists Conference Lucerne aims to be the most important annual gathering of futurists, analysts and decision makers with long-term perspectives working with scientific methods of futures studies in Europe. It is dedicated to the professional needs of futurists AND to the needs of long-term decision makers and analysts in business, politics and society in Europe.




The European Futurists Conference Lucerne aims to:

  • advance the quality of futures studies in Europe;
  • promote the sharing of future-oriented knowledge among futurists, analysts and decision makers in Europe;
  • contribute to the understanding of various possible futures of European business, politics and societies, which is embedded in a global perspective;
  • encourage the public dialogue about possible futures;
  • support European business, politics and societies, in creating their preferred future.




Following assumptions are underlying our futures thinking:

  • The future is open;
  • Futures can be influenced by human choices and actions; 
  • Futures thinking is largely about what to do now;
  • Futures thinking is very much about balancing the demands of the present against those of the future.




The European Futurists Conference Lucerne uses the following guidelines:


Futures studies should:

  • focus on interacting dynamics that potentially create fundamental change over 10 to 25 years and more;
  • be transdisciplinary, due to the complex nature of the future;
  • promote the participation of the people concerned;
  • be based on scientific principles, by using adaquate methodology and transparent assumptions;
  • produce practical results supporting the decision making process;
  • facilitate the creation of a sustainable world.

The mission statement has been approved by the Advisory Board on 9 January 2004.