Short Portrait of the European Futurists Conference Lucerne

Aims and Goals


The European Futurists Conference Lucerne EFCL aims to be the foremost annual gathering of futurists, analysts and decision makers with long-term perspectives working with scientific methods for futures studies in Europe. It is dedicated to the professional needs of futurists AND long-term decision makers in Europe.


Specifically, the European Futurists Conference's goal will be

  • to advance the quality of futures studies in Europe;

  • to promote sharing of future-oriented knowledge among futurists, analysts and decision makers in Europe;

  • to contribute to the understanding of various possible futures and their global impact on European business, politics and society;

  • to encourage the public dialogue about possible futures;

  • to support European businesses, politics and societies in creating their preferred future.

Who we are


The Advisory Board is the guiding force behind the European Futurists Conference Lucerne. It gathers the directors of the most important academic and business oriented futures research and futures studies institutes in Europe. It's members also consist of business partners, corporate futurists and government officials. -> more


The Parent Body is responsible for financing and organising the European Futurists Conference Lucerne. Founding partners of the parent body include Swisscom Innovations, the City of Lucerne and "Leading Future Organisations of Europe". Futurist Georges T. Roos is Managing Director of the European Futurists Conference. -> more