Focus of the European Futurists Conference 2006


Practical approaches, critical insights, emerging business models

November 22 - 24, 2006
Culture and Convention Centre KKL Lucerne, Switzerland

Welcome to the 2nd European Futurists Conference Lucerne!
You are invited to an unique European conference during which innovators, change agents, and heads of strategy, innovation, and business development will discuss practical approaches, critical insights, and emerging business models with professional futurists - in short, Making Sense of the Future!

We again have scheduled the Pre-Conference with a focus on new practical approaches. It is meant for all practitioners who aim to update their toolbox to look into future challenges and opportunities.

The Main Conference delivers critical insights and presents business models of the emerging new world. It is for decision makers, change agents, innovators, strategists, and future experts in business and public administration.

For the first time, we created an opportunity for marketers, innovators and strategists to have in-depth alternative seminars to the Pre-Conference. Future Seminars are selected by us but presented and set up by private partners.

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