New members of Advisory Board


We are pleased to announce the designation of two new members of the Advisory Board. Josephine Green, Director Trends & Strategy of Philips Design (NL) and Dr. Enric Bas, Professor Social Foresight of University of Alicante (ES) have joined the Advisory Board. The parent body of the EUROPEAN FUTURISTS CONFERENCE LUCERNE will have to elect the two new Advisory Board members during their next meeting in January 2006.

Josephine Green, Director Trends & Strategy, Philips Design, is responsible for directing research into Society, Cultures and People and its implementation into the Strategic Futures Programme.

Enric Bas is professor of Social Foresight at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Alicante and Director of the PhD Program on “Social Unequalities and Welfare” of the University of Alicante.