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Impressions of the Conference

by Christian Egger

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Monday, October 27, 2008


Global Framework, Future Prospects and Strategies

Prof. Jerome Glenn
Director Millennium Project


China 2018

Prof. Zhouying Jin
Senior Researcher and Professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Science / Director of Center for Technology Innovation and Strategy Studies (CTISS) of CASS, Beijing


India 2018

Padma Rao, India Correspondent "Der Spiegel"

PDF Russia 2018

Dr. Alexander Sokolov
Higher School of Economics, Moscow

PDF Brazil 2018

Rosa Alegria
Founder of Perspektiva, Co-Chair Brazilian Node Millennium Project


Life After Wall Street –
Indicates the finance crisis the end of globalizations?
John L. Casti and Prof. Dr. Markku Wilenius


Future Face of War

Colonel Roland Kaestner
German Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Lecturer in Strategy


The Global Illicit Economy

Nils Gilman
Monitor Group / Global Business Network

The Water Crisis

Anders Berntell, Executive Director Stockholm International Water Institute


Our Energy Future(s)

Prof. Dr. Konstantinos Boulouchos
Chairman of the Board of Energy Science Center of ETH Zurich


A True Cure for Human Aging

Dr. Aubrey D.N.J. de Grey
Methuselah Foundation

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Europe 2030 - What Europeans Expect from the Future

Dr. Ulrich Reinhardt
B.A.T. Stiftung für Zukunftsfragen

Europe 2030
Panel Discussion
Dr. Wendy Schultz (Chair)

Dr. Alexander Sokolov
Prof. John Ratcliffe
Dr. Fabienne Goux-Baudiment
Prof. Riccardo Cinquegrani
Dr. Ulrich Reinhardt


Open Innovation - Do we still need Patents?

Ciaran McGinley, Project Initiator EPO Scenarios for the Future, European Patent Office

From Visions to Products - Future Living 2020

Eckard Foltin
Head Creative Center, Bayer MaterialScience AG


Ecomagination: General Electric's Commitment to clean Technologies and Sustainability

Dr. Carlos Haertel
Managing Director GE Global Research Europe

Innovation at Google

Thomas Hofmann
Engineering Director, Google Switzerland GmbH
The Futurist's Paradox

Matthias Horx, Zukunftsinstitut

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