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Practical Approaches 


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

13.00h Georges T. Roos Welcome
New Explorative Approaches
Chair: Prof. John Ratcliffe and Dr. Wendy L. Schultz
13.05 Dr. Wendy L. Schultz
Infinite Futures, Oxford
E-Scanning, Auto-Scanning, Open Source Scenarios an Futures Mash-Ups: Reviewing Emerging Futures Research Tools
13.15 Prof. John S. Ratcliffe
Dublin Institute of Technology
Futures Methods: Putting Them Into Practise
8 Workshops: Innovative Futuring Tools and Techniques
13.30 Hans Bandhold
Prof. Markku Wilenius
Stefan Holtel
Prof. Barbara Adam
INTRODUCTION Workshops 1 - 4
13.45 Dr. Arnim Wiek / PD Dr. Michael Siegrist
Dr. Pierre Alain Schieb
Dr. Kerstin Cuhls
Thierry Kneissler / Monika Herrmann
INTRODUCTION Workshops 5 - 8
14.00 Hans Bandhold
Kairos Future Group, Stockholm
Workshop 1 - Future-based Innovation and the MeWe-Generation
Prof. Markku Wilenius
Finland Futures Research Center, Turkku
Workshop 2 - Creative Knowledge Capital as the Future Core Asset for Organisations
Stefan Holtel
Vodafone Global Group R&D
Workshop 3 - Communication for the 21st Century: Analyzing WEB 2.0 Applications
Prof. Barbara Adam
Cardiff University
Workshop 4 - Futures Made, Mapped and Minded: An Exploration of the Futurist's Toolkit for Action, Knowledge and Ethics
16.00 Dr. Arnim Wiek / Dr. Michael Siegrist
Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
Workshop 5 - Foresight of People's Risk Perception - the Example of Nanotechnology
Dr. Pierre-Alain Schieb
Head of Future Projects, OECD, Paris
Workshop 6 - Bioeconomy 2030: Designing a Policy Agenda
Dr. Kerstin Cuhls
Fraunhofer Institute, Karlsruhe
Workshop 7 - Learning from National German Foresight Processes: Tools for Including Different Stakeholders
Thierry Kneissler, PostFinance
Monika Herrmann, moderning
Workshop 8 - Future Screening and Innovations at PostFinance
Keynote: Can Science Predict Human Behavior?
17.30 Prof. John L. Casti
Fellow, Wissenschaftzentrum Wien
Research Scholar, IIASA
Co-founder and Director, The Kenos Circle
The Rise and Fall of Globalisation: an Example of Socionomics in Action
18.15 Dr. Wendy Schultz and Prof. John Ratcliffe Closing of Pre-Conference


Future Seminars

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

08.30 - 12.30 Future Seminar 1 (prior to Pre-Conference!)
FutureManagementGroup, Eltville
How to See More of the Future with a Practical Toolset
14.00 - 17.30 Future Seminar 2
Kairos Future AB, Stockholm
14.00 - 17.30 Future Seminar 3
Shaping Tomorrow, London & ROOS Büro für kulturelle Innovation, Lucerne

16.00 - 17.00 Future Seminar 4
Philips (for Media only)
Strategic Foresight at Philips: Developing Future Value

The programme is subject to change.



Main Conference:

Critical Insights & Emerging Business Models


Thursday, November 23, 2006

10.00 Georges T. Roos
Managing Director European Futurists Conference Lucerne
Opening of 2nd European Futurists Conference Lucerne
Chair: Rohit Talwar
10.10 Rohit Talwar
Fast Future
Introduction: Critical Insights & Emerging Business Models - Conference Targets and Goals
Keynotes: New Uncertainties, New Paradoxes
10.20 Ged Davis
Managing Director World Economic Forum
Global Challenges and Futures Thinking
11.00 Penny Power
Founder and CEO Ecademy
The Future of Social Network
11.40 Stefan Bergheim
Deutsche Bank Research
Global Growth Centres 2020
12.20 Lunch Break
Best Practice: Mapping the Future
14.00 Paul Gardien
Philips Design
Doing it Differently: A Design Led Apporach to Innovation
14.40 Dr. Sven Strunk
former CEO Mibelle
Getting Things Done - From Future Thinking to the Strategic Planning Process
15.20 Günter Burzywoda
T-Mobile International
The Future is Perceivable - You Only Have to See It
16.15 Coffee Break
Networking: Future Salons
1 - Innovation and Futures Research
2 - Web 2.0
3 - Future of Health
4 - Global Future
18.15 End of 1st Day
Dinner Speech: Hot topic
21.00 Prof. Kevin Warwick
University of Reading, Dept. of Cybernetics
Upgrading Humans - Mental Enhancements via Implants



Friday, 24 November 2006

Chair: Pero Micic
09.00 Pero Micic
FutureManagmentGroup AG / President of the Advisory Board European Futurists Conference Lucerne
Introduction of 2nd Day
Case Studies: New Business Models & Social Practices
09.10 Dr. Walter Hehl
IBM Research
Global Outlook: Status and Trends in Information Technology as Viewed by IBM
09.45 Matt Locke
Head of Innovation, BBC New Media
Open Innovation at the BBC
10.20 Coffee Break
10.50 Markus Merz
Founder and Maintainer OScar
OScar - Reinvent Mobility
11.25 Matthias Horx
Zukunftsinstitut, Frankfurt / Wien
The Art and Misery of Prediction
Keynote: Global Outlook
12.00 Prof. Bjorn Lomborg
Copenhagen Business School
How to Choose the Future: The Copenhagen Consesus Priorities
12.40 Pero Micic Conclusions
12.55 Georges T. Roos Closing


The programme is subject to change

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